2017–2019 Inc. Cap. Cycle

2017–2019 Incremental Capacity Cycle

When the NC CAM came into force on 6 April 2017, the process for creating new capacity began for the first time. Until 1 June 2017 (8-week period pursuant to Art. 26 No. 6 NC CAM), the transmission system operators received non-binding demand indications from participants requesting additional capacity at cross-border and market area interconnection points and assessed the need for additional capacity. 

Important deadlines of the 2017–2019 Incremental Capacity Cycle:

6 April 2017 Entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms) and start of the procedure
1 June 2017 Deadline for non-binding demand indications by participants to be considered for the ongoing process (8-week period in accordance with Art. 26 No. 6 NC CAM)
27 July 2017 Publication of reports on the market demand analysis based on non-binding demand indications received in good time during the ongoing process (16-week period in accordance with Art. 26 No. 3 NC CAM)
19 October 2017 Publication of project proposals
19 December 2017 Deadline for consultations on project proposals
Q.1 2019 Finalisation of project proposals and start of the 6-month period for approval by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)
1 May 2019 Publication of the offer levels for the annual auction on the primary capacity platforms
1 July 2019 Start of the annual auctions of the new capacities to be created, followed by an economic test (as necessary)