2021–2023 Inc. Cap. Cycle

2021–2023 Incremental Capacity Cycle

On 5 July 2021, the third cycle to identify new capacity to be created will begin. Until 30 August 2021, the transmission system operators will receive non-binding demand indications from participants requesting additional capacity at cross-border points. Once the market demand assessment has been completed, the transmission system operators will analyse the capacity requests received on time and publish the results in market demand reports.

Important deadlines for the third NC CAM cycle starting in 2021:

5 July 2021 Start of the period for non-binding demand indications submitted by participants on time
30 August 2021 Deadline for non-binding demand indications by participants to be taken into account for the ongoing process 
25 October 2021 Publication of reports on market demand analysis on the basis of non-binding demand indications received in good time during the ongoing process 
18 January 2022 Publication of project proposals
3 May 2023 Publication of the offer levels for the annual auction
3 July 2023 Start of the annual auctions of the new capacities to be created, followed by an economic test (as necessary)