2021-2023 Incremental Capacity Cycle


Following the consultations on the project proposals, the transmission system operators will analyse the results of the consultation process. 

The transmission system operators will then propose one new capacity project to the regulatory authorities (Article 28(1) NC CAM). Following approval, the TSOs will publish both the letter of approval received from the authority and the general terms and conditions underlying the marketing process (pursuant to Art. 25 (2), Art. 28 (3) NC CAM).

The projects for new capacities to be created will be carried out every two years in accordance with the NC CAM. The plan is that the transmission system operators will apply for the approvals at the beginning of september 2022, that the approval decisions will be available six months later and that they will then be published at least two months prior to the auction for annual capacity in 2023 (pursuant to Art. 28 (3) NC CAM).


Market Area Border BeLux (ZTP) - THE (Germany)

Project Application

Offer Level
Calculation Tool for the economic test

Supplementary Terms & Conditions
Offer Level
Decision BNetzA for new gas transport capacity to be created at the market area border ZTP - THE [BK9-22/001]
Important note for annual auction VIP THE - ZTP