19 October 2017 - Incremental capacity: German gas TSOs launch first consultation under EU rules

Berlin, 19 October 2017. The German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) publish their proposals for incremental capacity projects for consultation in accordance with Article 27(3) of Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms in Gas Transmission Systems).

In order to fully provide the 26 GW transport capacity requested by shippers in their non-binding demand indications, the available compressor capacity needs to be increased by up to 75 MW. This would imply investments of up to €215m. “With the additional incremental capacity at cross-border and market area interconnection points the TSOs will meet the shippers’ future requirements to gas infrastructure,” comments Inga Posch, managing director of the TSO association FNB Gas (Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas e.V.).

The project proposals are now available on the FNB Gas website at Market participants who wish to participate in this consultation are asked to submit their written comments to FNB Gas (info(at) latest until 19 December 2017.

Following the consultation the involved TSOs will submit their incremental capacity project proposal to the relevant national regulatory authorities for approval.



27 July 2017 – Demand assessment for new transport capacities finished according to European guidelines: transmission systems operators publish market demand assessment report

Berlin. The German transmission systems operators are for the first time publishing market demand assessment reports according to Article 26 of the EU Regulation 2017/459 (Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms) determining new transport capacities to be created on the borders of the market areas of GASPOOL and NCG. The reports are available at the FNB Gas Capacity website (

From 6 April to 1 June 2017 market participants had the opportunity to submit their non-binding capacity demands for market area and cross border points.
As part of the demand assessment, two market participants submitted eight requests. These requests extend to the year 2040 and relate to the market area point between GASPOOL and NCG, and to the cross border points NCG and Austria East, GASPOOL and Poland, GASPOOL and the Russian Federation, and GASPOOL and the Netherlands.

The received capacities demand indications were analysed in the published market demand assessment reports in order to determine the demand for new transport capacity. As soon as a demand for additional capacity has been determined, the transmissions systems operators will create technical studies based on the market demand analysis. These consider the existing and planned transport infrastructure at the relevant market area and cross border points as well as the requested capacity demands. The demand analysis should support the execution of future expansion projects for the creation of additional required transport capacity.



6 April 2017 - German TSOs launch first demand assessment process for incremental transportation capacity in line with EU provisions

Berlin (Germany). The German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) are for the first time launching an incremental capacity process in accordance with European legislation in addition to their planning works surrounding the Gas Network Development Plan. Market participants are invited to submit so-called non-binding demand indications by 1 June 2017 to inform the TSOs of their incremental capacity needs at entry/exit-systems and cross-border interconnection points. Market participants should note that non-binding demand indications for incremental capacity at entry/exit-systems and cross-border interconnection points that were submitted to one or several of the TSOs prior to entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (CAM NC) must be re-submitted via the website stated below in order to be considered as part of the new market demand assessment process. This is the case for instance where capacity was sold at an auction premium in the 2017 yearly capacity auction, as auction premiums will not automatically be treated as a specific indication of demand.

The incremental capacity process is a key part of the “CAM NC”, which comes into force on 6 April 2017. “This new tool provides TSOs with a market-based process that enables them to take account of shippers’ requirements as early as possible and to translate them into concrete projects that allow for the existing gas transmission infrastructure to be developed in an economically efficient and sustainable way,” says Inga Posch, managing director of the TSO association FNB Gas, in a statement on this latest development.

A standard form for the submission of non-binding demand indications will be provided on a separate website set up by the TSOs for this purpose. The form will be available at along with further information from 6 April 2017.